Rockstar Camperz was an idea that was sitting around for some time. Having travelled some years previously the eastern coast of Australia in a slightly different camper, Hannah and Carl knew what happiness and joy driving a camper on the open road could be. Some years later in 2015 when their eldest son Joey was 3, they hired a VW Camper to go to Latitude Festival. By trying out the business model themselves within the UK, they knew it was a must do venture. It took just over a year to save finances and find a van, which just happened to be local to them.

In 2016, 2 weeks before their second son Jesse was born, Bear was another addition to the family. Works were needed to the engine and after some consideration, a new engine was installed along with a full break overhaul and new alloy wheels. With safety at mind, these items were essential to the business model. Whilst the body of Bear is not in show condition, it is what makes Bear individual to others.

Every little imperfection has a story to tell along with his stickers from all corners of the world emblazoned throughout.