• Do we need a 240v hook-up all the time?

    No, if you switch the invertor below the rock n roll bed, power will supply the 240v sockets. This will charge when the vehicle is in motion. When you are hooked up to a 240v point, you simply use the sites power rather than the campers.
  • Is left hand drive difficult to drive?

    It is no different from right hand drive, it just takes a little getting used to. Just take your time when driving. Small things like overtaking buses when they are stationary makes it a little difficult to see oncoming traffic so just beware.

  • What fuel is Bear?

    Unleaded fuel, please do not put diesel in. It makes him feel ill.

  • Do we need a drive away awning?

    You do not need the awning but this depends on the size of your group. If you are a couple or a small family of three Bear alone is fine. Anything bigger and we would advise a drive away awning. If you feel you need a base to return to when at your destination, an awning is perfect for leaving space consuming items.

  • How many seats/people can travel safely?

    Bear can take 4 people comfortably. 2 in the front cab with 3-point inertia seatbelts and 2 in the back. 1 lap belt and 1 3-point inertia seatbelt.

  • Can the camper accommodate children?

    Yes. We have 2 young sons who both require car seats. Our youngest son travels in the back with Hannah (Mum) whilst our older son rides upfront with Carl (Dad). This way both children have 3-point inertia seatbelts.

  • What happens if we break down?

    Bear is 45 years old so accidents and incidents can happen. Bear is fully covered by the AA breakdown so you are never more than 1 hour away from a recovery vehicle. We will need to know what the severity is if something goes wrong before we can assess what to do next. If the unlikely event something major goes wrong, we will ensure your safe return to the business address and compensate you for your loss. (full refund)

  • Do Rockstar Camperz sell vouchers?

    Yes, we do. Please contact us for further details.

  • Are you able to pick us up(customers)?

    Yes, we are willing to pick customers up from all Thameslink stations between Harlington and St Albans along with bus stations and Luton Airport.

    If you live within 15 miles or a 30-minute drive of the business address, we will even drop Bear off to you.